Month: September 2019

benfit International

Biggest fitness event 6000 sec details and agenda 2019

The Biggest fitness event 6000 sec details and agenda 2019 6000sec fitness event details and agenda 2019 using this opportunity to thank and appreciate all instructors, influencers and friends for their unrelenting support to the buildup and realization of the 6000 Seconds Independence workout Event of 2019 happening live at the University Of Lagos Sports Center […]

Benfit International

Benfit International is a Top fitness organization in Nigeria, professionally oriented in the areas of co-operating fitness programs, Boot camps programs, Gym consultant and health talks in physical fitness. Benfit International also serves as a fitness consultant modules embodying; weight loss, aerobic dance, salsa dance, Zumba and walking for fitness alongside recreational activities.     Benfit […]

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