Month: October 2019

benfit men health

Men’s health in Nigeria

Men’s health for Nigerians is what every Nigerian Men want to know especially when they get older. As a man is growing older, he realizes that he is becoming closer to being a senior citizen in the country, which may depress, lack of awareness, weak health education, and unhealthy work and personal habit have caused […]

benfit 6000secfitness

Nigeria’s weight loss

Nigeria’s weight loss shows you a healthy way to Lose Weight in Nigeria without affecting your meal timetable or diet plan, even while exercising.  Most Nigerians know eating Nigerian made meals affects your weight loss journey even there is no tribe that wouldn’t ‘woo’ you with their food. While we eat to satisfy our hunger […]

Benfit International

6000 sec fitness Nigeria biggest fitness event of strength

6000 sec fitness  Nigeria biggest fitness event of strength endurance and cardio workout, Nigeria biggest fitness event 6000secfitness showcase of fitness, health, and wellness make its 8th edition debut at the University of Lagos with 3crowns milk, Nigeria University Game Association, Department of human kinetics and health education and University of Lagos walk for life […]

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