Month: November 2019

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Healthy Eating Habits to Try in Nigeria

Healthy Eating Habits to Try in Nigeria for those of us that pledged to keep fit and develop healthy eating habits in 2020, you’re not alone. While New Year’s resolutions come, many of us can still actualize that goals begin January and decide this new year 2020 truly commit to eating healthier and exercising. Finally, […]

30 minutes spinning exercise

30 minutes spinning exercise is an indoor cycling workout, spinning exercise improves overall body system and having endurance ability to push forward even when fatigued set in. In Nigeria, there are chances you’ve probably heard someone talking about that spinning class they go to. You’ve probably also wondered how sitting on a stationary bike facing the […]

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Mental health and exercise

Mental health and exercise immerse benefits on health are real. Exercise activity and mental health can make you feel better. Exercise with mental health is a clear impact that the mind has on the body and vice versa many of the effects discussed by medical officials and fitness trainers. Any kind of physical activity generates […]

6000 sec Biggest fitness event

Sleeping (or Taking a Nap) After Workout

Sleeping (or Taking a Nap) After Workout it’s amazing either you’re sleeping or taking a nap after a workout.  Sleeping is a naturally recurring state of mind   In Nigeria, taking a 30-minute nap sounds a lot more interesting especially after workouts at the gym. benfit International talks about the power of the nap and […]

Nigeria biggest fitness event 6000sec fitness

Nigeria biggest fitness event 6000secfitness of strength endurance and cardio workout, the biggest fitness event 6000secfitness showcase of fitness, health, and wellness make its 8th edition debut at the University of Lagos with 3crowns milk, Nigeria University Game Association, Department of human kinetics and health education and University of Lagos walk for life program in […]

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Flex ‘n’ fit Boot camp & Trade fair

Flex ‘n’ fit Boot camp & Trade fair is an open-air fitness event for everyone includes the disabled. It also innovates good health, ease stress, control obesity, blood pressure, boost brain, enhance blood circulation in the body through the means of exercise and also an avenue to buy discounted healthy foods, pieces of jewelry, clothes, […]

pregnant women exercise fitness

Pregnant women exercise

Exercise for pregnant women is nice for pregnant women who desire to match and keeping the fitness alive in them, today we show pregnant women the three core exercises and it’s suggested that before you have interaction in any exercise, consult your doctor. It’s not negotiable. Exercise will improve heart health and stamina, decrease fatigue […]

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