About Us


About Benfit International is a Top fitness organization in Nigeria, professionally oriented in the areas of co-operate fitness programs, Boot camps programs, Gym consultant and health talks in physical fitness. Benfit International also serves as a fitness event consultant modules embodying; weight loss, aerobic dance, salsa dance, Zumba and walking for fitness alongside recreational activities.

We have top experts in fitness

We connect you with one of our top experts in fitness to help you build that dream body and leave a healthy lifestyle.

Akinpelu gbenga

Our new solution to help give you what you need, from full life-changing programs to great workouts and exercise instruction you can put into action any day of the week.

Modern Gym & Fitness programs

Modern Gym & Fitness programs to help you build muscle, lose fat, or become more athletic. It’s loaded with nutrition and exercise plans, follow-along workout videos, and thousands of individual workouts, available through our top-rated videos.

Cooperate fitness 95%
Massage & Spa 90%
Boot camp programs 95%
personal training 80%